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Be sure to check the links on the website that take you to our podcast across multiple streaming platforms. You will hear touching stories related to Mental Health and the Stigma.


All contributions made to Day 1 Week 1 help provide the resources and content that make a difference in the lives of First Responders & Veterans every day.

Here to Help

The mission of Day 1 Week 1 is to save lives. Veterans and First Responders lay down their lives to provide the freedoms afforded to us every day. Let's work together to protect their health.


Episode 5 - David Rabon - Part 1

On Episode 5 of Day 1 Week 1, we are excited to introduce to our listeners a local born and raised hometown hero in the community that Day 1 Week 1 is founded out of. David Rabon is a professional deep rooted gentleman born and raised here in South Carolina. He is an honorable man of a loving family, that wants the world to understand the importance of "Calling For Backup". We encourage you to tag along in this journey with us getting to know Rabon in Part 1 of his story. 


Episode 4: Mentor Series - Parker McBryde

On Episode 4 of Day 1 Week 1, we are excited to launch our SECOND episode of the Mentor Series. Retired EMT / Paramedic, Parker McBryde talks about her struggles through and after her career finding it easier to save the lives of others, then it was saving her own. Parker is a winner, an artist in her craft, and shares the tools with us that she used to bring herself hope when she couldn't find it. She blesses us with the praise of what Day 1 Week 1 brings to her and how its inspired her through her journey. Parker is a big supporter of Day 1 Week 1, as an expert in her field, she values Day 1 Week 1 as a life saving effort that she wants everyone to hear.


Episode 3: Command Series - Steven Morales

On Episode 3 of Day 1 Week 1, we are excited to introduce another series on the Podcast - the Command Series. In this series you will learn more about hometown heroes that have gone through the ranks and now run the privilege of supporting those that help others. We are honored to kick this series off with a local hometown leader, Captain Steven Morales, informally known as Captain Cool with Midway Fire Rescue. Follow along with us to learn about how he earned the nickname and his rank. Captain Morales touches on his home life, climbing through the ranks, career choices, being a successful small business owner, and the impact of what having great leaders means to him